San Juan is a modern city with wide streets and well-drawn avenues, with wide sidewalks and vegetation of different species of trees irrigated by canals, from which it derives its nickname of oasis.

The city of San Juan has a lot to offer its special visitors in spring when the weather is mild and dry. In the surroundings of the city there are numerous agricultural estates. These establishments together form the Wine Route and the Olive Route, ideal walks for cycling.

Among the cultural attractions you can find museums, churches, theaters and historical sites that relate very important moments in Argentine history.
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Cultural circuit

The Teatro del Bicentenario is an art and culture center open to all artistic genres that stimulates innovation and avant-garde cultural creation. With a determined vocation for excellence, it intends to become, due to the diversity and quality of its programming, a mobilizer of society, generating a meeting point around the artistic and educational experience.

The Franklin Rawson Provincial Museum of Fine Arts was officially inaugurated in the Province of San Juan on November 26, 1936, with an exhibition of award-winning works at the XXVI Hall of Fine Arts. The collection is one of the most important of Argentine art in the country, it is composed of the work of important Argentine and foreign artists. It also has Cuzco and European works of great importance.

The Juan Victoria Concert Hall was created especially for the dissemination of music. In this sense, it is the most important stage in the province of San Juan, and without a doubt one of the most important in the country.

San Juan experience

Ischigualasto Provincial Park, Natural Heritage of Humanity: Traditional Day Visit, comprised of 4 stations (Valle Pintado, Bocce Court, El Submarino, El Hongo), in an internal route of 40 kilometers. And visit the William Sill Interpretation Center. To get to Ischigualasto, take National Route 150.

The Interlagos Route is immersed in an oasis landscape created by man from the control and use of the water of the San Juan River. It presents a route of more than 100 km between mountains that surround the water mirrors to enjoy with friends and family.

The valleys of Tulum, Ullum and Zonda located around the City of San Juan offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy the day to the full. To start you can do a light trekking in the Quebrada de Zonda and then have breakfast and enjoy the landscape at the Hostería Domingo F. Sarmiento.

The crossing of the Andes, on the border of Argentina with Chile, a unique journey where the charm of nature blends with history. A high-altitude adventure in the footsteps of San Martín.

In the dikes of Ullum and Dique Punta Negra from San Juan you can do many activities activities. If you are a lover of hiking there are several circuits for trekking in different difficulties.

The Calingasta Valley is surrounded by the foothills and Andes mountains that impress with their wide views. Cerro Mercedario with its 6,770 meters high can be seen from here. One of the star circuits of our mountain range is the Balcón de los 6 thousand, a journey of approximately 10 days that takes you to the top and challenges your instincts.